Our profile name is RedLightEvents on Kasidie.com, LoveVoodoo.com, SexxyMofo.com, LifestyleLounge.com, and The SwingSite.com.  On
AdultFriendFinder.com and SLS.com, we are RedLightEventsNY.

RedLightEvents soirees are just that, a "SOIREE".
The only difference here is , you do whatever  you want, and nothing you don't!

These are On-Premise Events in
New York City, for the Hottest and Classiest crowd of like minded couples and single women in the "Lifestyle".

**All Events are for Couples and Single Women ONLY!!**

Our events are Classy, Sexy, Seductive, and very Erotic!! If you are looking for a CRAZY HOUSE PARTY, this is NOT for you!!

What make our Events different is that the atmosphere is  amazingly casual, friendly, and easy going. All events are geared for the BEGINNER or
"NEWBIE" in mind. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran, everything goes at your
own pace, with no strings attached, awkwardness, or  

The events have been described as walking into your own
FANTASY WORLD, leaving the real world with it's primitive rules, on the outside.
It's where, if you choose, anything can happen,  and usually does!

Attire and Dress Code is Classy, sexxy, but Casual!
Whatever would turn you on to see someone else wearing, is what you should wear. We suggest to make it something that would come off easily, if
need be. If t-shirts and sneakers is what you consider sexxy,
this party is NOT for you!!

Whether you're a seasoned veteran, or a fresh "Newbie", our motto is "
Friends first, anything else is Extra!!"

As with all events, please
respect everyone's boundaries!

Not interested, maybe later,  not right now", and most of all, "NO" all mean NO !!

If you are interested in attending an event, please do not hesitate to get approved!
Since parties are limited in capacity, they usually sell out over a week in advance.
All events are "First Approved, First Book".

To maintain privacy of the event, the final details and location will be sent out to all approved and "BOOKED" guests within the last
24-48 hours of the event.

Once paid, You're on!! If you decide to come off, the next couple on the waiting list takes your spot. If you want back on, unfortunately,
it's on the bottom of the list.

All events are
B.Y.O.B (unless otherwise specified), so prepare your preferred beverage in a container that you can easily identify.

We will supply the mixers!
For the Approval Process, please submit:

First Names and ages of both
Recent picture of both
(clear g-rated pics)***
Your best Email contact info,
(so we can send you the party info)
***Submitted pics are "NOT" posted or distributed anywhere, and are used solely for approval purposes, and by
Security personnel to admit you to the party!

For discretion and security reasons these requirements are mandatory, or you will not be approved!!

All attendees must be approved or will immediately be refunded!!
Please send the above info to our Approval Dept. at Approvals@RedLightEvents.com
Depending on the event, the normal party
donation is $200
. As it greatly assists
RedLightEvents and Staff for attending guests to book
as early as possible when a party is posted, as an
added incentive,
RedLightEvents will discount
the party donation, the earlier you book